Blog Past: Entrepreneurial Learnings

I wrote this series in 2001. Here is an excerpt from the first part:

Entrepreneurs do not start to create failures. Yet, only 1 in 100 startups succeeds. If one were to ask entrepreneurs when the start about their chances of success, most would give themselves greater than even odds, even as high as a 60-70% chance of success. The reality though, as we know, is very different. While no one can predict success or failure, it is important to do things right to begin with.

[Here are] some of the lessons I have learnt in the last 10 years as an entrepreneur.

  • Importance of Vision: Dream the future
  • Think 2-5 years hence; near-term opportunities are gone
  • Best way to raise capital is by being profitable (B-n-B biz)
  • Need to Stay Alive long enough to aim for Gold
  • Our biggest strength is Passion — “infectious enthusiasm”
  • Be prepared to fail – and learn; Experiment and Explore
  • When building, don’t think of exit; Build to Keep
  • Forget the stock markets – they are irrelevant
  • Our First Mistake can be our Last
  • Read-Think-Write
  • Faith in God
  • 5 thoughts on “Blog Past: Entrepreneurial Learnings

    1. I like the “Be prepared to fail – and learn”.

      It may sound like an oxymoron … because we are not creating something to fail… but is the true essence of entrepreneurship.

    2. Rajesh, I was surprised by this one in the list: definitely the odd man out:

      Forget the stock markets – they are irrelevant

      What does that have to do with what you are talking about here ?