Nokia E71 Problem

I am having a peculiar problem with the E71 that I bought a couple months ago.

The phone automatically restarts almost continuously, making it impossible to use. If I put it in the Offline mode, then the restarts stop (but I cannot use it then). The restarts have  been happening often at random over the past month or so, and since yesterday, constantly.

I checked on the Net — many people seem to have faced the problem, but no clear solution has been outlined.

Any suggestions?

This is quite disappointing coming on a Nokia phone. It is the second successive Nokia product that I have bought that has had problems. The N80 I bought 3 years ago had an issue with its SMS app after a certain number of SMSes had beens sent — it would take a minute to send an SMS. That required an upgrade of the SMS app.

(In between, I used the iPhone for 2 years and that was a wonderful experience till the iPhone sensors on the screen stopped working.)

UPDATE 1: I visited “The Mobile Store” from where I had bought the phone, and they think it is a SIM problem (“voltage mismatch”), and so have asked me to go to Vodafone and get the SIM changed. Let’s see what happens. It is the same SIM that I have been using for 3+ years!

UPDATE 2: I got the SIM replaced, and that seems to have fixed the problem. It took Vodafone 6+ hours to get the SIM activated after they gave it to me (I was told 2 hours). I’d have thought by now this would have been standard operating procedure! Anyways,  problem fixed (I hope). There must be a good technical explanation as to what caused the SIM to go awry and cause the phone to get restarting.

81 thoughts on “Nokia E71 Problem

  1. Have you tried updating the software ? Anyways I never buy feature rich smartphones of Nokia for this very reason. Nokia is very good in basic phones but their high end phones dont appeal at all

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  3. Had a similar problem whenever I’d switch from Wi Fi to Edge and Vice a versa. I solved it by upgrading the firmware, and switching the access point selection on the nokia mail app from default to mobile office. Doing just one of these didnt help. Had to do both, but now that it started working right again, the access point on mail can be the default option again.

    I think these connectivity issues are the biggest weakpoint in Nokia S60. I still love the phone, but am not reccoending it to anyne anymore.

  4. Would suggest that you update to the latest firmware using Nokia PC Suite or the Software updater.

    I am using the same phone and had upgraded to the latest firmware immediately after buying the phone.

  5. I agree with the earlier suggestions, please upgrade the device software, that should solve the problem.

  6. I have been using an E71 for the best part of a year now and I must say I have never come across this issue & I am no shy installer of apps. My only suggestion is you use NSU to update the firmware or if you can, uninstall the last app which triggered the problem. Best of luck.

  7. Told you stick to Apple 😉 My friend used e71 n sold it in 2 months due to same problem. He’s back with apple now 🙂

  8. UPDATE: I got the SIM replaced, and that seems to have fixed the problem. It took Vodafone 6+ hours to get the SIM activated after they gave it to me (I was told 2 hours). I’d have thought by now this would have been standard operating procedure! Anyways, problem fixed (I hope). There must be a good technical explanation as to what caused the SIM to go awry and cause the phone to get restarting.

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  10. I have the same problem since 8 months. Tried everything except changing sim card. I am yet to upgrade to the recent firmware which I have to do as soon as I have some quality time. It restarts – say – almost every day once. Will report as soon as I have more information from my experience. Thank you Rajesh for your update.

  11. I havw nokia e71, when I turn on camera it’s appear .. Camera is ues by anothet application.. I can not use camera no more.. Any one know how to reset camera..Thank you

  12. aww,im gonna buy the phone.
    maybe around next week.
    i’ve been surveying this phone for quite a while now and just found this first negative feedback.
    i love this phone.
    but after reading you’re reviews,im a little bit worried with it.

  13. is it possible to store mails into memory card. As such the memory of phone is very low I can not retrieve all the mails. Or is there any facility to take backup of mails.

    Please help! Thanks

  14. i cant send messages… but i can receive..and also make an outgoing and receive incoming calls..what do you think is the problem of my phone.. nokia e71..

  15. My E71-2 with v200.21.118 restarts several times a day.
    – Done hard reset.
    – Reinstalled firmware.
    – Sent it to Nokia repair.
    – Removed mem card and all applications.
    – New sim card from at&t.

    Nothing has helped. Disappointed with Nokia and frustratingly waiting for new firmware.

  16. I called my operator and they “reset” the line. I shut down the phone by removing the battery and when I power it on 5 mins later, it is resolved.
    Before that, i also tried switching on the phone on an offline mode. It did not restart perpetually. This is why I suspected it is a network fault and not a SIMcard or phone fault. Perhaps the network is sending some signals to the phone, which is sensitive to such abnormalities, which causes the restart.

  17. Hello people….just demand a refund or a replacement, it’s your right under law to recieve either of these options if u but a faulty product. Don’t put up with Nokia’s shit!!

  18. I have a problem with my Nokia E71, as i was working with my mobile (E71) it’s stop and from that time doesn’t opened.

    It’s tacking electricity but doesn’t show anything.

    Can you help me?

  19. My son and I both have an E71 with this switching off and on problem. We are regular visitors of a Nokia repair center in Amsterdam. I’m more and more frustrated about the quality of this phone.

  20. I has problem with E71 since day 1
    When came home from shop, i put for charging and its getting too much heat and camera is worst that a VG camera, Sent for repair and received after repair on riggorious chaseup,
    Now after a month when recive call its get hang anytime, also gets switchoff if press camera key hard!, NOT HAPPY WITH NOKIA NOW
    earlier i had a very good image about nokia and fan of Nokia but now i am thinking to switch over to some other brand
    When we sent for repair it take a long time ! till time using old phone gives a mental rape
    Can anyone have a solution please mail me @ also let me know about firmware, from where to download. 9727777227

  21. my E71 is showing unable to download whenever my trying to download anything it was working good but from last a week its showing unable to download nd when m using its camera it showa camera is using by some other application

  22. hi all:

    i m still using nokia becoz of its format but now seriously considering if i shld still stick to nokia when its time to chg.

    very & extremely disappointed with nokia now.

    on e71, i face the on & off pb as well….for N70, my friend bought it when the product was launch & after 5 repairs, the problem was still not solve (not sure what pb) so if they dont wake up then I will definitely make sure i wake up……cheers

  23. i am having the same problem, only my phone does not completly turn off, it just stalls and i personally have to restart it. The phone is still good, just a flaw in the make, however im ropped into a two year contract so i can’t do anything.. will the optus shop help? will i still have the same problems if i get a new handset?

  24. Hi,
    I have a problem.
    My E71 is getting hanged, if i open more than 2 applications & it slows when the modes are changed and it even slows down when i open my internet. Do u ppl have the same prob?

  25. Can any one please give me a solution please I bought a Nokia E71 couple months ago. The phone automatically restarts almost continuously, making it impossible to use. If I put it in the Offline mode, then the restarts stops. please anybody can solve my problem

  26. i am fed up and mentally irritated with this nokia E71…. Since the time i have taken this phone i have the proublem that it switches off automatically ……… also it says inset sim all the time…… i have given the phone for repair( nokia care) emteen number of times but now fed up of this as there is still proublems …….. i proumise to all the users of nokia e71 that ii willl take revenge….. i will drag them to consumere cort very soon…….

  27. Friends i have a problem with my Nokia E71.I recently buy this phone from UK.One day when i am in office my phone suddenly turned off.I try several of time to turn it on but i can’t.I think that the battery was over.
    When i reached home i put my phone on table.After 1 hour my phone automatically turn on,now i was very happy but again my phone stops working but now when i try to turn it on,after 3 tries it’s appeared to turn on but now again its stop working.i also try new battery but it can’t turn on.
    From that time it is off and it can’t turn on.Please friends help me to resolve this matter.

  28. I have had exactly the same problem. Changing the SIM seems to work….but not for long. I’ve changed the SIM card three times in 12 months. For some reason it works for a while then the problem returns. Can not wait for my contract to end when I will change to any other make BUT Nokia!!!!

  29. I just took out 2 year contract on e71
    I then put it on charge for 16hours
    it then turned it on but after about 30min,it turned it self of, I then tried to put it back on but to no avail,It looked like the battery wasn’t charging, so i have changed it, do you know if this is a seroius problem with this model.

  30. friends,,,
    am using e71
    recently i updated firmware…after the installation its asking lock code…but am not aware of lock tried to open with tha default lock code 12345..and 0000 but i failed to open it….can anyone tell me what to do now

  31. The problem with my E71 is, if you connect to WLAN it search which network you can connect to. But when you start browsing the website you want to connect, automaticaly it was restart my phone. What is the best solution for this one?

  32. can i go ahead and buy this nokia e71? for sure i like this mobile. some out there advise me on this

  33. in my e71 the jur applications are not installing. when i going to install on it than it turn hang

  34. i had a slight inconvenience with my phone about a month ago….anytime try to charge it,it keeps telling me not charging with the same charger i use to charge it with before and it is charging other people’s. i cannot also take picture anymore,it keeps telling feature not supported and my volume scroll buttons also stopped working. i will glad to find solutions to these problems…..thank you

  35. the switch off/on button never works properly. 4 months back i gave my handset to nokia care. they sent it to mumbai and i got it after 2 months. now again m facing d same problem. i switched it off last night and its not getin on now…

  36. the restarting problem…its just that the phone is made in China.. But not the Original Finland one…

  37. downloaded applications do not work with my e71 nor new applications are installed what could i do?

  38. I don’t know. I have the same turning on/off problem with this crap phone… I opened it(using a special repair kit), cleaned it up and now, it works for 2 seconds, restarts and then dies again for about an hour. This may be an electrical problem, because the battery is fresh and new. It must have lost a lot of electricity somewhere… I can’t tell… If some of you solved this issue, please send me an e-mail at Salut.

  39. I have e71, please somebody help me!! I normally download anything and install almost any file, but after a day have passed, nothing I can download, it says “unable to download”, everytime I download any file it just reach almost complete but in the end it says unable to download! the only file I can download is jpg format. Please somebodyy help me.

  40. I bought nokia E71 few months ago. For the first two three months it was good but then it started showing problems like:
    (1) It gets hanged oftenly mostly when i open two or more applications at the same time.
    (2) It automatically switches off and on usually.
    (3) Now it has stopped installing .sis, .sisx files even from the ovi store too.
    (4)It is too slow to enjoy a business oriented features filled smart phone.
    (5) It plays videos only that it likes itself i think. One video with 3gp format is being played but other video with same format is not…….why?????may be it is its choice to play or not to play.
    (6) I was a fan of nokia, i even have Updated my nokia e71 software but nothing ‘great’ has happened!!!!!!
    (7)blablablabla n blabla !!!!!!! Is it a joke ?? The ovi thingy is itself a virus!!!!!!!!!!

  41. hi his is ashish whenever i open google web site on my nokia e 71 phone soem pron site opens is tehre any solution for this prob, pls help

  42. My E71 phone was not older than 6 months. Due to low battery the phone got off. As usual I charged the battery and tried to switch it on as usual, but could not on it. Since then I cannot on it at all. I feel very bad about the situation. What can I do?

  43. I have E71 Nokia, Made in Korea. Due to low battery I charged my Nokia. When I gonna open it starts and show the Nokia message bt then it is looking blank and can not get in nokia software. Whats the problem please.

  44. My e71 phone doesn’t refresh the songs which i transfer from my PC to phone .
    They don’t get added in the music library.
    Please help me as soon as possible

  45. i useng e71 3 months agoo.v coll cell..but now there is a problem with cemra .A biG dot is there… 🙁
    pall tell me how i remove this.. plzz mail me….

  46. I am having the exact same problem as the phone restarting on its own…..The weird thing is this problem would not persist in one city but would in another. I have upgaded and changed my sim card and the phone seems to work fine in one city but not in other. My blackberry works fine in the city where e71 is not working. It works fine in offline mode but not when the sim has been inserted. I am really clueless now on what the problem could be. My service provider is also not sure of the problem and have no suggestions for me. So any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!!

  47. I’m so sick of my phone ( Nokia E 71) it will switch off on its on and when i try to turn it on it doesn’t, i have to wait for a day or so before it decide to turn on…most of the time i am with out a phone..this is very stressful

  48. E71 Review – Bought this after good research. However E71 has disappointed me to the core. Battery life is very less. I charge almost everyday with some 30 to 40 minutes usage. It restarts all of a sudden. I have upgraded to latest Firmware and not really installed any applications. NOTHING IS HELPING. THIS IS A WASTE MOBILE PHONE. To compete in this fierce market Nokia seems is releasing new products into market without much testing. Summary – E71 is a waste mobile phone.

  49. my nokia e71 got the problem:
    it starts to hang in sometime.
    even when i did flashed nd updated my firmware.
    please suggest me something…….

  50. my phone hang issue there but after warrenty over of one year , my phone is not able to move to hand shake screen

  51. i have a solution for e71 switchoff and on
    Please read at below

    You should 1st do the phone is swichinoff by pressing the power button and remove the battery and you just cools them from in fingers and put the battery in the phone and switched on

    Am RoCkzZZZZzzzzzZZzzz

  52. I have the same thing with my E71, but generally only when moving, and only in some countries. I attribute it to the negotiations the phone must do with a new base station every time it gets handed off. I know that during initial negotiation the phone’s transmitter must use maximum power, then the base station it is talking to lets it know what power level to use, usually lower. I believe it is this high-power burst which causes the phone to reset or crash. As it hardly ever happens in England or Finland but all the time in Sweden I imagine different operators have different power negotiation protocols. Still it’s extremely annoying and bad. Just replace battery with a new Nokia original, no help.

  53. My text message receiving function has stopped identifying the serenader of the message even though they are in my contact list. Caller ID still works on phone calls but not on id-ing the text sender.

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