Budget: Yet Another Missed Opportunity

This may be a rather naive view, but it is quite amazing how many opportunities India squanders on its way to whatever the future holds. The election mandate was an opportunity to break from the past and make bold decisions for India’s future. And what do we have – a raft of incremental measures which will transfer some money from India to Bharat, but do little else for the longer-term well-being of either.

Of course, no one knows the numbers and true state of India’s economy better than those in the Finance ministry. So, one has to give them some benefit of doubt that they may actually know what they are doing. But it is this same thinking that has kept us where we are.

Which brings us to the question — how can we actually influence government? How can we ensure the government  makes sensible decisions about out future? Right now, other than casting a vote once in five years, we don’t seem to be able to do much. Or can we?

7 thoughts on “Budget: Yet Another Missed Opportunity

  1. That is a good question… the public is at loss until the next election… but what will happen
    if public is allowed to intervene in every policy the government makes ??

    That is going to be a disaster.

    The elected member is supposed speak on behalf of people….upon holding public hearing meeting once in a while.

    I think the only other way is rallies and civil disobedience movement…. which the opposition can use to bring down the government. Government can use MISA to counter that !!

  2. We should have Innovation in democracy system.
    This is happening at very very slow rate.
    Generally once MP/MLAs are elected there skin becomes
    very thick for 5years. We should reduce govt life from 5 years
    to 4 years.
    Every 2 years there should be mechanism to get feedback
    from selected citizens of this country. If govt. failed to achieve or manage this country poorly then there should be way to replace the poor Minister(s) , that should include PM also.

  3. You are absolutely right Rajesh, of course we have missed this opportunity which has come after a very long period, we have seen a single party coming to power after a very long time. This was the perfect time to take the boldest decision our country ever took.

  4. BJP should have fought this election on a “Build A New India, Lets Get The Shine Back” platform.

    Congress will maintain Status Quo. That is the only thing they can do. And now they have 10 years (the next election is really an extension, under Rahul) to maintain status quo for our country. The country will sleep for the next 10 years.