Blog Past: SME Tech Utility

I wrote this series in 2001. The idea:

Create an Technology Utility company, to offer a one-stop solution for SMEs globally covering business and technology needs in four areas:

  • Computing: Management of SMEs local IT infrastructure – the remotely managed desktop
  • Communications: A Local Server on the SMEs LAN with “intermittent connectivity” to the Internet
  • Software: An integrated e-business suite of applications covering ERP, CRM and SCM
  • Services: Outsourced IT-enabled services from an Indian base in core business areas

5 thoughts on “Blog Past: SME Tech Utility

  1. I’ve had this idea as well. I’ve been providing IT services for my company in bangalore for a few years. I would kill for a service like this.

  2. I agree with you that an IT infrastructure for SMEs in India is missing, and there’s huge opportunity in this area.

    However, its also true, that this needs a dedicated software channel sales (for the relevant customization, and to build the wherewithal for mass sales — something that only Tally has done well I believe), and there’s no good existing channel to tap into.

    I believe that cloud computing has good promise in this regard — but it has to be a sophisticated combination of the cloud and the desktop, with good support, training, and a full eco-system without which its impossible to tap into.

  3. such an infrastructure would lend itself for content providers to piggy back on it. We are one such organization focused on creating relevant content & products for SME’s across the globe