Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • The Pushbutton Economy: by Anil Dash. “Pushbutton is a name for what I believe will be an upgrade for the web, where any site or application can deliver realtime messages to a web-scale audience, using free and open technologies at low cost and without relying on any single company like Twitter or Facebook.”
  • Design, Speed and Purpose: by Richard Karlgaard in Forbes. “The best CEOs–the ones that endure and thrive–are often the ones that disproportionately spend their energies in three areas: design, speed and purpose.”
  • Wired cover on Personal Scenario Planning: “The goal is to envision possible futures, which will serve as guideposts to the path forward. The payoff is a clearer view of what the future may hold and of the most advantageous route through it.”
  • Silicon Valley Survivor: from the Wall Street Journal, on Cisco and its CEO John  Chambers, by Michael Malone. “…While other firms are hunkering down and trying to survive, networking giant Cisco Systems ($130 billion market value, $40 billion in annual sales) continues to stride forward.”
  • How to Save the Mobile Web: by John Pettengill. A presentation full of ideas.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. In my opinion, the way to save the mobile web is to help people, companies and organisations realise that they have to start building mobile optimised websites, not just re-purposing their current sites and hoping that they’ll work fine on hardware not designed for them.

    We’ve just published a new paper on the subject, located here: http://tr.im/uTCe

    Have a read, and let me know your thoughts.