Blog Past: Life’s Little Leisures

This series with a quaint title comes from late 2001. This is what I wrote in the first part:

Leisure Time in India used to be so simple. Pick up a good book to read, or put the radio on and tune in to Vividh Bharati, Radio Ceylon or BBC, or watch Doordarshan, the only option available on television (remember Magic Lamp, Kilbil, Santakukdi, Chhaya Geet). In just half a generation, life’s leisure activities have changed so much. There are so many more options competing for ever shortening free time. A mix of digital technology combined with distribution via the Internet and delivery to the computer (or a gaming console) promises even more change in the coming years.

If anything, the options have multiplied in the past decade. What has not changed is the time available.

3 thoughts on “Blog Past: Life’s Little Leisures

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  3. That simplicity is what is missing today probably. I still remember the lazy mornings when my mom did not bother to force me out of the bed and I woke up listening to some rafi, hemant kumar songs.

    Now like you have said its changed!