Blog Past: Envisioning a New India

I wrote this series in 2002:

India is a great concept, but with poor execution.

Can India and Indians change? Can India really become a Great Nation in the coming years? Can we build the India of our Dreams in this generation? Can we do this despite our politicians and bureaucrats? How can what’s happening in the world of Technology help us do this? Can the next decade be India’s Decade? Or is India the perennial also-ran?

The New India must be built on Knowledge, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Hospitality. Change is what we need to bring about rapidly – in both Attitude and Action. The New India must focus on Economic Superiority, using the strength of the domestic market. Wealth Creation, which so far has been anathema to many, is what we need to do across the country to solve our basic problems. Let One take on the responsibility for Ten, and Ten for Hundred. It needs a Few to Change the Destiny of Many.

3 thoughts on “Blog Past: Envisioning a New India

  1. New India has to be a Corruption Free India. 7 years down the line (from the time you wrote this), there is more hype today of India having arrived than reality. It is a given that it can be done. Point is whether we will accept the challenge and do it. Time is running out on our generation. Lets do what needs to be done.

    Sanjay Uvach
    Corruption India

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  3. Corruption slows down development across the world. I think corruption can be stopped by replacing paper curreny with digital cash.
    What do you think?