Speaking at Liba Insight in Chennai on Nov 5

I will be speaking on Digital Business Models at the Insight event next week, organised by the Loyola Institute of Business Administration. My session is on “Revisiting the Digital Strategy: Internet, Mobile and Social Media Marketing.” The audience will be primarily B-school students.

I plan to look at the topic from two angles:

  • for start-ups / companies who are already in the digital space and what they need to do (eg. consider a strategy that includes both Net and mobile, and focuses on multi-monetisation), and
  • for businesses on what mix they need to look at acquire new customers and build deeper relationships with existing customers.

6 thoughts on “Speaking at Liba Insight in Chennai on Nov 5

  1. Interesting to note about your topic in upcoming Insight talk.
    May be you should also consider touching on Social Commerce for the benefit of B-School students?

    You may like to get some ideas on Social Commerce from a venture I am long associated with. See http://www.netcarnation.com

  2. Listening to your lecture I got one of the books I came across in my college’s library. It is Permission Marketing (Seth Godin).

    May be our marketers (including myself) understand permission marketing and internalise it. Mobile medium has immense potential when used as pull-based marketing medium. (This is again an idea that you touched upon – Invertising)

    Thankyou Mr.Rajesh, for your engrosssing talk.
    – Karthikeyan, LIBA

  3. Hi Rajesh, I can see the students enjoyed your lecture. Have you put up your notes online? Found your topic interesting – most of the stuff I have read has usually been from an international perspective which doesn’t make too much sense when applied to the indian context