Trivial News

India’s challenges are monumental, but what we are all concerned is with the trivial.

Open any newspaper or watch any of the TV news channels, and you will see the seemingly inane topics that are being highlighted and discussed. Sometimes, I wonder if we deserve any better.

Like for the past two weeks, the Mumbai newspapers have been discussing the Marathi Manoos issue, how a specific individual travelled the city’s sparsely filled local trains in the afternoon, and then the release travails of SRK’s My Name is Khan. If we spent even a fraction of the time talking about our education system or the urban infrastructure in the city or the food price rise, we may actually create a better city and country.

5 thoughts on “Trivial News

  1. Hi Rajesh

    I am an avid reader of your blog and a passionate Indian. I currently live in Singapore but going to relocate with my family back to India in the next couple of months.

    I second most of your thoughts on the technology and mobile space in India and as much as I am looking forward to returning to my roots, it always feels like Im going back 10 years in terms of technology advancements.

    I will continue to follow your blog for ideas on how I can do my bit for transforming India and bringing the billion population into the next steps of technological and economical advancements.


  2. Raghav:

    Technological change and economic development is predicated on political change at the most fundamental level.

    If we want to see India advance, we have to first remove the brakes that hold India back. Only then we should try to push the accelerator.

    India’s problems start with a broken political system. That system puts into positions of power and influence people who are not really interested in India’s development. They are more interested in holding to power — not for the good of India but for their own enrichment. These people cannot make — or worse yet do not want to make — policies that promote development.

    Regardless of whether we are technologists, sociologists, doctors, plumbers, cooks or carpenters — if we do not care to change the political system, we cannot make a lasting difference.

    The bottom line: join a political party or a movement that seeks change at the political level.

  3. raghav,

    my advice would be different. dont get into the political rut. And travel, seek, learn about the real india before making any political pronouncements.

    the first beneficial thing you can do on arrival is to remove the cloak of the passionate indian and replace it with a dispassionate one. it will allow you to look at things as they are rather than as they should be, the latter being an exercise in frustration.

    the ideas that rajesh and atanu push are products of the self same frustration rather than pragmatic workable ideas and much of it is reptetive mantra chanting in the hope that something may work.

    follow them and you lose the little chance that you have of doing any good. and we would have added another principled whiner to the mix.

    india is changing and as is its wont is changing slowly. and the ideas that rajesh and atanu are pushing may work 10 years from now, the critical mass for intelligent citizen participation in political realms is yet to arrive. the herd mentality rules and will do so for some more time.

    it is good that you have experience in the mobile realm, the space as you know is booming, and if you can make some money and channel some of it back to those who can benefit from it most, notice that i did not say who need it most, then you would be bringing change that if circumstances prove fortunate would permeate further.

    there are many things you can do to improve things without great disturbances to the system, atanu and rajesh are trying to shake the whole tree while all they need are a few mangoes.

    hope it helps.

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  5. It would be great if someone created a system where individuals who have wasted collective consciousness be penalized for their behavior.

    Instead of using his influence to make a difference the guy seeks publicity for a movie that does not deserve much attention anyways.