Three India Books

There are three India-related books published recently which are good reading and which their own unique appeal:

  • Arun Shourie’s “We must have no price”
  • Jerry Rao’s “Notes from an Indian Conservative”
  • Business Standard’s “India 2010”

Any other recommendations from what you have read recently?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

8 thoughts on “Three India Books”

  1. Recently finished read the first book you have mentioned will try to get the second one now.

    There are simply too many India related books in any book-store but when it comes to quality of content very few are worth reading.

    I read James Tooley’s The Beautiful Tree. Its about efforts taken by private entrepreneurs to educate the Poor. He makes a case based on his experience is that poor probably too can make choices and find solutions to their problems.


  2. All you must read – ‘Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen – How 11 Indians Pulled off The Impossible’ by Porus Munshi (published by Collins Business). Excellent read.


  3. If you want to have an idea of India’s development from an outsiders perspective read “In Spite Of The Gods” by British author Edward Luce.”In+Spite+Of+The+Gods”+”Edward+Luce”+book+review+India [A Google Search for the book title]


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