Restaurant Reco: Jewel of India

I have had dinner thrice in the past month at “Jewel of India” at Worli in Mumbai. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

The food is extraordinarily good. (I stick to Jain food, and they have no shortage of options.) The ambience is nice – so if one is planning to do a business meeting, it offers a very nice setting. Also, there is a good gap between the tables, so there are no distractions from conversations on adjacent tables.

They have also a wonderful lunch buffet — haven’t sampled that in a while, though!

Some things should stay just the way they are.

One thought on “Restaurant Reco: Jewel of India

  1. I recall going there in 1990 for the first time. We had gotten an offer from “Aggarwal Classes” for an all expense paid trip as we were part of the IIT top 100 😉 Well, I guess that is how freeloading began.. but yes, it was a wonderful restaurant then and I am very happy to hear that after all these years its still there (I hope its the same one)