Voice Conferencing

Over the past six months, I have been increasingly using audio conferencing among two groups of 6 or more that I am part of. I have found it very efficient to keep things moving by doing weekly phone calls that everyone in the group is expected to join in. We use Asterisk, which is an open-source software, installed in my office for it, so the incremental cost for us is close to zero.

At some point of time, doing things only over email or travelling to different cities for face-to-face meetings become hard to do — especially for diverse groups.  A phone call gets everyone together – and gets them talking. That, combined with the discipline of a fixed time every week, can make groups that bit more productive.

2 thoughts on “Voice Conferencing

  1. In my previous workplace, we had set up an entire VoIP network using Asterisk thereby giving us a completely free CUG voice network which proved immensely valuable. Voice is SO much better than email 🙂

  2. From productivity point of view it is ok to have voice…weekly tcon is a must.

    But it is always good to have face-to-face for decision making (important one’s)….in voice u
    don’t get to see the reaction of the group (not all members are extroverts.). You get 50% from voice and 50% from face.