Money for India

Let’s take the thinking from yesterday further. If the next 5-7 years can create wealth of $25-50 billion in India’s digital space, much of that will accrue to Indian entrepreneurs and employees in their companies, along with their investors. This can in itself be a game-changer for the country because a significant part of this money will make its way back into the ecosystem – either as investment into early-stage companies or as philanthropy.

That is why we need to encourage entrepreneurship – and celebrate failure.  Only out of the failures will emerge the big successes. Unfortunately, investors across the board have become too cautious and an ill-thought government policy almost discourages employee stock options. If Indian entrepreneurs can lead the generation of billions of dollars of wealth in the next decade, it can create a very different environment for the future.

One thought on “Money for India

  1. I agree and what India needs is few examples where people have got rich working in startups because of the stock options they got in the beginning.

    I believe the founders should give some stock options to employees though employees may not understand its value, it will help future startups to attract talent which is a big pain right now. Its a founder contribution towards creating a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem.