Blog Past: Rethinking Education

This is from a post I wrote last June:

A few days ago, Atanu and I spent a full day meeting with people who are in the education space. We discussed a diverse set of topics around education. What came out clearly was that there are two distinct approaches.

One approach is to work within the current system and see what best can be done.

….The second approach, advocated by Atanu, is to create a parallel system from scratch — encompassing K-12 and beyond. This thinking starts with the belief that the current education system is fatally flawed and there is no way to apply band-aid. What is needed is a new system, a new standard. And there will be early adopters among parents and kids who will be drawn to this new system.

My personal vote goes for the second approach. The world has changed a lot, especially in the past couple decades, and the simplicity that needs to be there in the education system has vanished. One hears of kids as young as two and three years going for coaching so they can get into the preferred school of their parents. IIT coaching now starts in the sixth standard. It is reaching ridiculous heights (or lows). And then look at  the quality of the product that comes out of this system.

5 thoughts on “Blog Past: Rethinking Education

  1. Hi Rajesh
    i have been looking for ways to improve higher education, how to remodel univs, colleges and reorient students’ outlook towards learning. my wife continues to worry about school education, esp. free schools (like Summerhill). so, your and Atanu’s blogs are of interest. perhaps my (our) blog may be of your interest too.


  2. Education is a subject very close to my heart for the potential it hold for CHANGE. Ideally speaking teachers and academia should most paid and respected people in the world. Then I remember what happened to Aristotle. Same is happening with honest teachers in world. Then I remind myself of his idea of great philosophers ruling the kingdom and and tendency of true philosopher to getting bored with worldly affairs. same is true in present world wr knowledgeable people shy from their responsibilities.

    Its nice to see someone discussing the stale topic with passion. But I think ‘ new approach’ is grt becoz its is novelty factor n not becoz of merit.

    I hope you will share how this new new is better then old new.

  3. It is very easy for people to say how the education system is flawed and how bad the product that comes out of it is. But look at it this way .. we all survived didn’t we?
    I think the major problem is not with the system. It is in the actual implementation of the system that is faulty. How many teachers do you know who took up their job out of choice? These days that number is ridiculously low.
    No matter what new system you decide to take up, the parents that force their children into IIT training in class 6 or class 2 will continue to force them in some different way. Concentrate on changing the mentality of those people and the rest would follow.
    Every system by itself is perfect. The people associated with it are the ones that make it bad.