It’s Up To Us Now

A year ago in May, Indians gave a definitive verdict  to the Congress delivering it more seats than any single party had got in a long time. The hope was that we would finally have a government that works. The 100-day agenda outlined by the new government offered promise.

That was all a year ago.

What a difference a year makes.

Last Friday night, I opted to watch some of the news channels instead of India getting clobbered by Australia in the T20 match. Headlines Today was playing the Raja-Radia tapes and focusing on the umpteenth expose of the spectrum scandal. That Raja continues to be our telecom minister is a telling tale on the state of affairs of the nation. That Our ‘Honourable’ Prime Minister continues to let him continue to be in the cabinet is an even sorrier story. But the sorriest part is how we – the educated Indians – have become immune to corruption and the misdeeds of the politicians.  The casualty, as we stumble from one crisis to another scam, is governance and much-needed development of the country

I will, in the coming days, discuss my frustrations with what I see happening around us. I have my biases – having helped co-found the Friends of BJP last year, and working through this year to revive the movement. For a moment, leave the political affiliation aside. Focus on the future of the country and our children. We are watching what is happening. If 10-15 years from now, your then grown-up child were to ask you, “You saw what was happening. Why didn’t you do something about it?” What will be your answer? That answer – and the action we take (or choose not to take) now – will determine the fate of this country.

Continued tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “It’s Up To Us Now

  1. I guess the fact that Politics is not ‘safe’ for many Indians to consider as a career option – thats where the politicians won the game.

  2. Rajesh:

    What baffles us is that the opposition is not throwing itself to the street when the country is moving from one scandal to other.

    This nation needs a new party with a simple criteria that none of the bearers have any prior political linkage.

  3. Rajesh,

    General comment about site usability. Its not major but thought i should mention – I find it cumbersome to read the latest post after accessing site via my blackberry. The post is usually in the middle of the page and one has to scroll down from top or up from bottom for a while.

    Is this an issue on my phone or a general observation with mobile users accessing your blog.

    Sorry to bug you. Am a daily visitor so wanted to highight.

    Thanks, Ashish

  4. There can’t be any stronger reason to work for betterment of the affairs than this – our future generations. We blame our past politicians & the mindset of our past generations so easily. The last thing we would ask for is our children blaming us in similar way.
    I would be happy to work voluntarily on this movement in whatever way I can contribute.

  5. Rajesh,
    Whats is the status of F.. OF BJP initiative.
    I havent ssen/heard anything further.
    Is Piyush still involved in it or he is tied up helping Nitin Gadkari.

  6. you rightly pointed out that most of us have become immune to corruption…& one person above righlty pointed out that we need a new political party. And now when one person(Baba Ramdev) has vowed to clease our political system by launching a new party, how many of us are going to support him ? i think the least we can do is to support him in his endeavour.