43 Signatures to open a Share Trading Account

Every so often, something amazes me. The other day, I got a booklet to sign for opening up a share trading account. (Don’t remember if it was a special account or an ordinary one.) There were 43 places marked out in the booklet that I had to sign. Get that again — 43 repeating signatures.

It is not that I am reading the 7-point font to understand what I am signing. I don’t get it. Why can’t they have a single signature at the end which says – I have read all your fine print and realise that I have no option but to agree with everything if I am to do business with you. One signature is all it should take. Why 43?

4 thoughts on “43 Signatures to open a Share Trading Account

  1. I do see merit in explanation given above. Sometimes, things which seem to be crazy are necessary under those circumstances.

  2. I had to do it for my simple trading account as well. More ever had to find out a witness who would sign at 15 different places.

  3. Wait till there is another 26th July. They will inform you that they have lost your documents in the flood and ask you repeat it. They will also threaten to block your account if you don’t comply.