Digital Printer in a Pune Bus

I was pleasantly surprised to get a bus ticket on a Pune local bus printed out on a handheld printer and handed over to me. This was a most appropriate use of technology where I least expected it — having been used to the Mumbai BEST’s pre-printed tickets.

Towards the end of a bus route, I see the Mumbai bus conductors note down the ticket numbers for each of the denominations of tickets that they have, and then figure out how many tickets they sold, and calculate the money that they should have earned. All done manually. Presumably, their Pune counterparts have all of this done in a flash.

A simple use of technology that makes a person more efficient at what he is doing – we need more such stories!

7 thoughts on “Digital Printer in a Pune Bus

  1. Rajesh,

    I was pleasantly surprised to see this in a private bus in TN almost a decade back.
    Now a good number of government buses in TN have this and it works well too.

    Moreover the power to analyse data, predict traffic and provide additional buses are high.

    Occasional problems are like forgetting to get ticket for some initial distance (Most Indians love to sleep as we get seated) and then conductor blinking as he can not charge full.

    We must have mechanisms to bring out such case studies. Most case studies today are sponsored by vendors and unfortunately are verymuch biased.

  2. Hi Rajesh

    I was really welcome change in Day to day life.

    Apart from this, few day back i saw some innovative use of mobile and mobile apps in some hotel and sales team of FMCG company. In hotel captain use 1 mobile apps (Customize) to take order and pass it on to kitchen. Chef in kitchen got that order on 1 big LED screeen and he prepared that order and press one button from 1 common mobile to indicate captain that food is ready.

    Same from FMCG company, they take down all order in one apps where all item already written and they just need to write shop name (Code) and quantity and they can deliver all goods within few hours.

  3. APSRTC uses this technology from long time ago. There is no conductor in Bus. Two drivers act as conductors when they are awake on long distance bus.

  4. Some of the BEST AC bus routes have digital printers. The problem is that the organizations don’t focus on increasing productivity for its employees. If they did it would work for both of them.

  5. That clearly says you have not traveled in bus (long journey) for a long time !! 🙂 … Many Bangalore-Mysore (late-night) buses don’t have conductor at all. The driver with a digital printer handles everything.

  6. Hi Rajesh,

    In Gujarat also ST ( state transport ) bus using since 2008 .It is really good for ST and all the users.

  7. What I recently in Chennai really surprised most… i had seen some volunteers in Mumbai suburbs assisting those who were standing in a long Q in front of a local railway stations These volunteers would use the Atomatc Ticket Vending (ATV) Machine of railways collect exact amount and issue the digitally printed tickets. But its in the nature of Mumbaites to help others.

    In Chennai it was different Here the person was not a volunteer but he was doing it as a business by getting the 3 to 5 % discount that railways offer whenever you recharge your Smart Card.. He was sitting near the official booking window and his rate of issuing tickets was THREE times faster than the official booking clerk..

    This is something I would call as an enterprise.. and that too by a lower class not much literate person.. India really has tremendous enterprise…