Surat-Mumbai Train Ride

Since Shatabdi does not run on Sundays, we took the Inter-City back from Surat. The second-class (“D”) compartment ostensibly was a reservation only compartment. What “reservation” means is that you get to sit. That’s about it. The compartment was absolutely packed with as many standees as those sitting. It was almost impossible to move – even to go to the toilet. I guess if one wants “experience”, then one should travel in the Chair Car compartments!

The scary part was seeing people hanging from the door. One small mistake in their grip, and they’d probably end up falling from the fast-moving train.

India needs to invest more in its rail networks — higher-speed trains and more trains. But with Mamata Banerjee busy making plans to take over West Bengal, India’s Railways stay frozen in time.

5 thoughts on “Surat-Mumbai Train Ride

  1. The trick I use for booking trains is this.
    If travelling on say 5th get up early in the morning at 8:00 am on 3rd and book Tatkal ticket for whichever class you want ( . Better book it before 9:30 am because thats when the railway counters open and people start booking offline and the system goes very slow. By 11 am all tickets are gone.

  2. Trains and buses are for common people. Politicians and businessman travel by thier on mode of transport.

    There is need for a lot of things to be changed. But there should be infrastructre to support it.

    They are increasing no of trains and no of goods trains to carry more load per trip .

  3. More in NYT

    Link was found in Ajay Shah’s blog .

    Says same thing what is mentioned in this b;og.

    I am surprises why is that NYT is interested in Indian issues or problems of India. I got similar link from Ajay Shah’s blog which is about road safety and fatalities.

    Some news, I never see in Indian Media (internet or online news papers) like honour killings etc can be definitely found in BBC.

  4. Go to site and check how many trains are there running everyday between Chennai and Bangalore. Compare that with the number of trains that are there between Surat and Mumbai OR between Mumbai and Pune. You will be surprised to see number of EXCLUSIVE trains that are available. Does it mean the traffic between Chennai Bangalore is MORE than the traffic between Surat-Mumbai OR Mumbai-Pune. No No…. What it means is bureaucrats in India are VERY much power-full and 95% of the decisions are made by them while Politicians contribute to hardly 5% of the decisions . The SOUTH bureaucrats lobby is quite quite powerful and thats why they are slowly but surely building INFRA for their part of the country obviously at the cost of other states..