Company Offsite

18 of us went for an offsite recently — 2 days of brainstorming and thinking about the business, and also some fun and interaction. This was the first time we had an offsite. The location was “The Resort” – in the suburbs of Mumbai. It was a good experience, both from the business and social angles.

An offsite once in a while can be very useful — for putting everyone in a different environment to think about the challenges they face regularly, and also think beyond the daily activities that drive them. It also helps people gel better with each other, which is so important for staff at all levels, and especially the management team.

One thought on “Company Offsite

  1. Dear Rajesh,

    A great idea practised across all organisations.

    Hope you all had your MyToday dailies Stopped or Blocked for 2 days.

    Jst Kidding!!!!