Blog Past: New India Policy Foundation

From a series I wrote a year ago:

…It is no secret that India as a nation has not realised its potential even after six decades of Independence. Our agriculture is in dismal state, internal security is compromised with alarming impunity, manufacturing sector is not robust enough to employ the vast semi skilled work force, education is highly regulated, health services are woefully insufficient and infrastructure is grossly inadequate. A nation of over a billion people is ruled by absolute adhocism. We are invariably held hostage to one of the pressure groups operating to services the narrow interest of its subjects.

India suffers from a lack of critical thinking on several key issues of national importance.  The thinking that goes on happens within the confines of government – the civil service and the cabinet.  There is almost a complete absence of groups outside the formal establishment who develop new policy ideas and actively engage with policy makers to see the ideas through.

It is this state of affairs that has prompted the idea of creating a Foundation which will work towards creating a better future for India.

4 thoughts on “Blog Past: New India Policy Foundation

  1. well start has to be made and then keep working on as they come across – once we find a cyclic order as we will find it soon, then try to break it by by most important one/bottlenecks

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    I find your Blogs very crisp and to the point. Lately I wanted someone to guide me about Economist and I luckily read your blog about Economist few days back.

    Thanks for writing such interesting blogs. I have become a follower of yours now.

    Take care!


  3. Is there any possibalities that all our INDIAN ministers follow the footsteps of Mr.Nitish Kumar & Mr. Narendra Modi….atleast for somewhat common people are getting benefited from their government….