Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • What it takes to be a top 100 website: from Royal Pingdom. “…at least 22 million visitors per month.”
  • On Google and Valuation Multiples: by Bill Gurley. “…if its not growth, competitive position, or execution, what is the shortcoming that hurts Google’s valuation?”
  • The Velluvial Matrix: by Atul Gawande from The New Yorker. “You never stop wondering if there is a velluvial matrix you should know about.”
  • The Medium is the Message: by David Brooks from The New York Times. “The Internet culture may produce better conversationalists, but the literary culture still produces better students”
  • Comparing Urbanization in India and China: from McKinsey Quarterly. “China and India are both urbanizing rapidly, but China has embraced and shaped the process, while India is still waking up to its urban realities and opportunities.”