Madras Cafe

One of the best places for South Indian food that I have come across in Mumbai is Madras Cafe at King’s Circle in Matunga.  It is a little far for us to go, but we go there once in a while with friends. There is invariably a queue so expect some waiting time at peak hours.

The taste is amazing, and the lightness of South Indian food can ensure that one could eat and eat and eat! Don’t get dissuaded by the simple setting – that’s part of the charm.

4 thoughts on “Madras Cafe

  1. And the one of the best time to visit Madras cafe is on a rainy afternoon to sip a hot filter coffee.

  2. I have been a fan of their ‘rasam wada’ since the past 20 years now. I never miss a chance to order it whenever I am there. I think Kings Circle is the defacto south indian restaurant aggregator 🙂

  3. Indeed…Madras Cafe reminds me of my stay in mattunga in late 60’s when I entered my banking career at Bombay.I used to skip all other hotels ..only to have sip of the tasty filter coffee from this hotel…