A Summer of Travel

Abhishek’s vacation ends soon, and we are now on to our last travel, after Surat, China (HK, Shenzhen, Shanghai) and Chennai. This time, it is a 3-day visit once again to the Jain temples in Palitana. We will be going by train, like we did last year. It is a 13-hour train journey, and one I am looking forward to once again.

Train journeys have a charm of their own and with Abhishek also starting to like them, we have been making some plans of our own. One of the ideas I have given him is to go by Rajdhani to Delhi in either December or during his mid-term break next March.And then when he is older, to do the coast-to-coast train ride in the US.

Given that Abhishe’s school follows the IGCSE system, the vacations are in June and July. Having been used to vacations from mid-April to early-June while I was growing up, it will take some time getting used to this new vacation schedule!

3 thoughts on “A Summer of Travel

  1. Rajesh, when you say coast to coast in US, do you mean east coast to west coast?

    If yes, what is the duration and approx cost for the tickets?


  2. Mr. Jain,

    I always also enjoy train rides in India. For some reason, whenever I take flights, I just feel so “Americanized”…

    Last year, I tried the Toy Train to Simla…very nice and highly recommended. Another nice train ride was from Trivandrum to KanyaKumari. I look forward to travelling to East India by train as well sometime in the near future…