Ending SMS Spam: Part 3

There are two possible approaches that can be taken with the green and red channels approach.

In the first approach, one could start by treating every entity that sends A2P SMSes on the green channel. Green channel messages are not stopped or delayed. Then, as complaints come in, the rate at which messages are delivered is slowed – thus impacting the business. As complaints mount, the rate will come down to zero. On the other hand, messages from companies with a clean record can keep whizzing through the green channel.

In the second approach, it would work in the opposite way. Every message would be scanned – the equivalent of passing through a red channel. As messages show up clean, the scanning is reduced. If complaints come in, then messages stay in the red channel longer.

There are three things that are needed to make this happen.

Continued tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Ending SMS Spam: Part 3

  1. Dear Rajesh…
    Why would n’t u go back to the times when you had well rounded posts. For example, take this post..Why don’t u say the 3 damn things already? It is a contrived attempt at splitting posts so that u have something to post daily.

    It is plain irritating when people speak one half of sentence one day and the second half the next day.

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