Ending SMS Spam: Part 4

Here are the three tech interventions that are needed for these solutions:

  • Every SMS should sent have a clearly identifiable alphanumeric SenderID. Mobile numbers should not allowed as senderID, unless they are in response to a request originated by the user to that shortCode or longCode over SMS. This will prevent companies from putting arbitrary mobile numbers as SenderIDs preventing them from being traced.
  • Every SMS being sent out should be through either a centralised system or an operator-specific system. This system should store the message copy, and do the actions outlined in the next point. For this, operators (or TRAI) should charge a small fee of something 0.02 paise per SMS to fund this new technology investment. Given that about 500 crore SMSes are sent each month, this will create a pool of Rs 10 lakh per month which should be more than enough to fund the additional technology needed.
  • All messages should automatically have a footer appended to them. This footer will have a phone number (toll-free) that a customer can call, along with a 3-digit numeric code that identifies the message. This will make complaining very easy. I just click on the number at the footer of the message, type in the 3-digit number – and I am done. There is no need to call the operator. The code with the complainant’s mobile number will uniquely identify the offending message.

Continued tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Ending SMS Spam: Part 4

  1. I think the solution red channel and green channel make sense but the real problem is advertisers are getting returns on sms marketing. So if a real estate company can sell 2 flats on sending 10k smses they don’t mind as ROI is great.

    So its always a question which matures first the consumer or the market. I always believes markets follow the consumer but Steve Jobs has proved otherwise.

  2. i think permission opt-in and opt-out is best and TRAI should take strict action against spammer..

  3. I have been thinking about this for quite a long time and I feel the problem is not of INTENT but TARGETING.

    The bulk sms senders send the sms because they get some returns, for those who don’t want the sms it isn’t beneficial to sms sender either.

    If we can built a service which is known to masses and where people can opt in for sms and also opt out will be really helpful.

    For e.g if I am looking for a flat in Noida I will subscribe for real estate deals in Noida.

    One problem which still remains is that of Branding sms, I am not sure how many ppl will opt in for that.

    Will be looking for your thoughts on this.