Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • Why they were able to raise money: by Jason Baptiste. “These reasons are beyond the usual Brilliant team in a huge market with a killer product.”
  • The importance of frugal engineering: from strategy+business. “Providing new goods and services to “bottom of the pyramid” customers requires a radical rethinking of product development.”
  • Booking vs Revenues vs Collections: by Fred Wilson. A simple yet important topic that I have seen many entrepreneurs and managers get wrong. “Think of the bookings to billings to collections as the way revenues “flow” through the business.”
  • Reclaiming the Imagination: by Timothy Williamson (NY Times). “Imagining turns out to be much more reality-directed than the stereotype implies.”
  • How to win the Clash of Civilizations: by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. “Huntington also said that a civilization-based world order is emerging in which states that share cultural affinities will cooperate with each other and group themselves around the leading states of their civilization.”