A Tale of Two Train Terminals

There is Shenzhen Train Station and then there is our very own Bandra Terminus. I happened to pass through both in the past month, and the experience is instructive for all who think India is on its way to becoming another China.

Shenzhen Station has a massive access area, no traffic jams due to taxis, direct linkage to the subway system, cleanliness and high-speed trains. Not to mention a road.

Bandra Terminus, which is becoming increasingly the point of arrival and departure for long-distance trains on the Western line, has none of the above. Case closed.

I want to dwell further on one aspect – the lack of a road to connect it to the rest of the city. There may have been a road once upon a time in Mumbai – right now there are only potholes. One has to drive on the road to see how bad the situation can actually be. Of course, this is a recurring situation since we citizens don’t hold our corporators and politicians to accountability, and keep voting them or slight variants back to office.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Train Terminals

  1. Good Morning,

    You will see the same story in all areas like Roads,Agriculture,Hospital,etc. in India…..
    How we people says that India is booming and will become developed country in Year 2020?


  2. Rajesh, Every time I go to China, I get totally depressed because of the reasons that you are mentioning. Also, the way they are building their education system, even an USA based Professor me in scared, while the Indian me is ashamed about even about our IITs.

    If there is something that people like me who chose to settle abroad but do care deeply about India, can do in helping the cause that you seem to be leading, do let us know. I am definitely ready to contribute.

  3. I agree with your point. One must also admit that the Government there can do more with their authority and power. Opposition is almost a non issue.

  4. Just to add to the above, I completely agree that they make rapid progress in every possible sector. That is clearly visible to a visitor. What is less visible to the outsider is the human stories. I dont know any stories first hand and its been almost 5 years since I last visited China but this is what I gather as an external observer.