Palitana – Part 1

Like we had done two years ago, we went to Palitana in early August just before Abhishek’s school re-opened. Abhishek was the one who was keen to go, and my in-laws obliged him!

Palitana is one of the more well-known Jain temple sites. The main temples are situated on the Shatrunjay Hills. The climb is quite an arduous one (more on that later).

We took the overnight train (Bhavnagar Express) from Mumbai. We reached Songadh next morning on time at 10:30 am, and then took a 45-minute auto-ride to the dharamshala we were staying at. The monsoon season created the green and cool setting, which made it quite nice.

We spent the next two-and-a-half days there, a day longer than the previous visit. That made it a very relaxing visit. The dharamshala we were staying in was extremely comfortable. As I remarked to Bhavana, this is the kind of ‘vacation’ I would love to do – peace and quiet, away from Mumbai.

3 thoughts on “Palitana – Part 1

  1. Quite interesting to see your posts on Palitana. I too recently visited the place and found it just amazing, would be so good to do an annual pilgrimage to the place…

  2. Great post. We are planning on taking the same trip that you did last August and I was wondering about that overnight train that you took. Would you say that being monsoon season it was a good value or was it better to wait until later in the year? Thank you!