Palitana – Part 5

Through the trip, I couldn’t help thinking about the role of religion in our life. As my in-laws told stories from the origins of Jainism to Abhishek, I realised how little I knew about the founding principles and philosophy of my own religion. It is something that needs to be corrected.

Even in today’s modern times, a part of us is still rooted in our traditions. Temples have been a part of our lives through the centuries. If India has to change for the better, this change has to come from a better understanding of our own identity and culture. Somewhere through the generations, much of that has been blotted out.

Our past is what binds us into a unique national identity – one that has somehow gotten dissolved into sub-castes and communities. An understanding and recognition of India’s civilizational greatness is perhaps the missing glue that can bring us together for the future.

3 thoughts on “Palitana – Part 5

  1. Hi Rajesh

    It was great to read this post. Such a time usually comes in everyone’s life when one tries to know who he really is.

    I would like to put a couple of points about this. One should think that what is the purpose of this human birth that we have got. We all know that everyone is going to one day leave the world – that’s a TRUTH and not a myth. So, was the purpose to acquire lot of wealth, good education and such things only. Or is there a higher motive. One should also question that who he really is. As a saying by a saint goes that we are spiritual beings having earthly experience and not earthly beings who are having spiritual experience.

    Another question that everyone should ask is that all the scriptures say that God is omnipresent (Bible). Geeta says that there is no place where I’m not there. So says the Quran and other holy books. So if we are not experiencing that everywhere, if we feel it only at some special place like a temple, then we have not known God till now.

  2. Rajesh: Thought provoking….and yet I wonder why some people act so surprised when I talk of “creating a national identity” as one of the biggest challenges facing India/Bharat today.

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