Blog Past: Venture Investing

From a couple posts (1 2) written a year ago:

What we need in India to get more start-ups created and more importantly, create the environment for them to succeed is a combination of an Incubator and Venture Capital Fund. This is something on the lines of what Kai-Fu Lee is doing in China or perhaps Y Combinator.

There needs to be a core team at the Incubator that can explore new ideas, and see their potential in them becoming companies. In India, one thing I have seen is that start-ups require a lot more hand holding. That is where an experience team at the Incubator can help nurture companies (teams) through the difficult early days. Venture capital funds typically don’t have the bandwidth to spend more time at many early stage companies.

One thought on “Blog Past: Venture Investing

  1. Some most of the concepts we have in India, venture capital, private equity, incubators yada yada aren’t something that u know aren’t indigenous, they are borrowed concepts from US, and others, what we really need is something made locally. If somebody thought incubators work in India they haven’t seen the forest, coz the workload of students in IITs ,and IIMs are meant to train them to slog and handle huge workload. Instead of borrowing concepts we need to do our own thinking and bring our own solutions!