Air-India to New York and back

For my Washington trip, I once again took Air-India to JFK and back. I like the non-stop. I have heard that Air-India may stop the Mumbai flight and hub people in to Delhi and go from there. I hope they don’t do it. The Mumbai-JFK non-stop is a key service which they should retain (though I am not sure of the economics). The inflight service is excellent, and I like the fact that I can get Jain meals on the flight.

The only sour note was what happened when we arrived back in Mumbai. They didn’t have an aerobridge available – can you imagine that? The most important service of Air-India and they bus us from some parking bay to the terminal. At the baggage claim, there were about to make Air-India the fifth airline concurrently on one of the baggage belts! Passengers were already standing four deep trying to ferret out their bags. A few of us objected, and they finally put the bags on a separate belt.

It is these small things which create a jarring effect. End-to-end delight is what Air-India needs to work on if it wants to get quickly out of the lossy red zone.

4 thoughts on “Air-India to New York and back

  1. Surprise to hear from you something good an about india product. i hope this stays…without your ifs n buts, because nothing in life is perfect..

  2. Interesting point you make here. Air India has to live up to a new standard of what India is or think it should be.

    As our global loss making airline, surely, peoples perceptions (or prejudices) about India are sharply reinforced while travelling Air India.

    I am surprised anybody uses it anymore!

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