Blog Past: Customer Lifecycle Marketing

From a post a couple years ago:

The 5 Phases in the life of a Customer Relationship:

  1. Non-Customer and Competitor’s Customer: This is the universe of customers that need to be targeted. They can either be first-time customers in a category, or they could be competition’s existing customers. Need: Branding and Lead Generation
  1. Future Customer: This is where a subset of the non-customers have become interested and could be prospected to become a customer soon. Think of this as ‘dating’ or scouting. Need: Engagement
  1. New Customer: This is where the customer has just begun a relationship (‘marriage’). The first month or so can be thought of as a ‘honeymoon’ period with the customer. Need: Onboarding
  1. Existing Customer: This is where the customer needs to be retained, delighted and harvested. Else….think ‘seven-year-itch’! Need: Servicing and Engagement
  1. Ex-Customer: This is where an existing customer leaves to become someone else’s customer (‘divorce’). Need: Branding and Lead Generation

The opportunity in India lies in thinking how the mobile can be leveraged at each stage of the customer relationship.

2 thoughts on “Blog Past: Customer Lifecycle Marketing

  1. This is really excellent….

    In sales we tend to fall in routine and chase customers.

    But classification makes sense on where to spend how much resources.