2010-11: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 4

Besides NetCore, I spend about 20% of my time on politics. It is not politics as one knows it – it is on the periphery and with a goal of bringing policy change to India in the coming years. I have written about my association with Friends of BJP earlier. That is one track that has grown through the year. We are at the early stages of building a national platform for Middle India.

I have been meeting with many people across India during my travels. I have also been reading extensively on India’s political history. As I was telling a friend last week, I am approaching the political landscape with how one would do a start-up. There are three things that one needs to look at with that mindset. First, one has to grab half-chances and create openings which others think are not possible. Second, one has to think hard about the goal and the path to get there – there is one path that leads to big success, and many others that lead to nowhere. Third, one has to have an optimistic mindset which makes one see good in all that happens.

The meetings, readings and mindset have helped me put together a good plan for what needs to now be done. So, 2010 was more about educating myself, while 2011 will need to be about educating others.

Continued tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “2010-11: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 4

  1. Dear Rajesh,

    Do you think , one can make a GANTT chart like plan for next 15 years such that a political party is floated which would gain mass appeal starting from panchayats to municipality to assembly to parliament in a planned manner. And the money to do that may be few hundred crores are put in by a philanthropist. I know I am not clear but I can be if you think I should.


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