Blog Past: Three Decisions

From a post I wrote last January:

We need to make decisions all the time. Some have a nominal impact; others can make a more lasting difference. Some decisions are easy; others are hard. Some decisions can be reversed; others are much harder to change. Decisions are a constant in our life. Most of the time we make decisions without thinking too hard. At other times we need to think through a lot more because of their importance and impact.

Whether it is made in a blink or we ‘think twice’, every decision has consequences, and we need to live through those. Sometimes, decisions go right, and sometimes they don’t. At times, it makes us a long time to realise and accept that we have made an error in the decision.

One thought on “Blog Past: Three Decisions

  1. The important thing is not to take a decision(even if right) for the ‘wrong’ reasons.