Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 5

From that support emerged the genesis of the idea of Friends of BJP (of which I am now the National Convenor). Here is what I wrote in late Jan 2009:

As citizens of India, we have a duty to help build a Better India. The 20 of a week ago are now 200. We need to become 2000 in another week, and 20 million by the time the elections are here. We have to become the Voice of India.  For 60 years, we have been Led. And for many of those years, Led down a wrong path. The time has now come for us to Lead.

A vote at the ballot box is just a first step – and not the end goal. We need to – and have to – do more. I am not completely sure where this will lead to. It could fizzle out, or it could grow into something very big. I hope I can be a part of making a difference. The next 100 days will show us. This is a journey we need to do together.  As a first step, irrespective of which party you decide you support, you can start by being vocal – so we can start a dialogue. India needs millions of such conversations happening every day. Out of that will emerge a New, Better India whose citizens are equal stakeholders in its future.

That was the start of my journey. Even though the outcome in May 2009 was not favourable for the BJP, that did not diminish my enthusiasm – both for the party and the broader goal of transforming India’s future.

Continued next week.

2 thoughts on “Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 5

  1. If any the ground work for the establishment of the party needs to happen at the grass roots. Instead of taking the congress head on on every issue, the party leadership needs to strengthen their base in major cities/satellite towns.

    This can be achieved by regular visits, understanding the pain points of the current voters and also showcasing the promises made/promises delivered. Indeed Congress might fight back with BJP’s performance from its last governance, BJP can show the fact that Congress has been given a chance for close to a decade and we have nothing with bad governance every where.

    While the average man sweats out every day to fight food inflation, our food minister relaxes and promotes the cricket world cup. Malcom Speed from Australia was correct to say that it is not right for Mr Pawar to hold 2 high posts.

    Nows the golden chance for BJP to shine through,

    Food Inflation, Corruption, Scandals, Tainted minsters….what else can the congress provide us….

  2. Good to read about your right-of-center portal in the Hindustan Times.

    I am based in Mumbai – I would love to be a part of this venture, if you are looking for energetic, passionate right-wingers