Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 6

In January 2010, a year after I made the decision to support the BJP and help start Friends of BJP, I reflected:

A number of people whom I meet (along with others who have commented on various blog posts) ask me whether I think I made the right decision given the results of the elections and the subsequent events that have transpired in the context of the BJP. My answer is Yes. I have been disappointed by what happened, but that does not mean the decision I made was wrong. While winning is everything, especially in politics, losing can also teach if one is prepared to learn.

I believe that what India needs is a centre-right formation in its government. The BJP is the closest to this. Yes, the party has gone through dramatic downs over the past six months, but I think it will emerge stronger and better. Political parties in every country have gone through trying times – and the BJP in 2009 has been no different.

I do hope the party learns from its mistakes, and creates a genuine centre-right formation. It cannot win by aping the Congress. Going ahead, I hope to do more in helping drive the centre-right movement in the country. India needs more of us to be involved in creating our future. And potentially, create better political parties on both sides of the spectrum.

Continued tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 6

  1. What we need right now is some thing like a shadow ministry. The culture is commonly adopted in common wealth countries like Australia.

    BJP can appoint shadow ministers to each and every government department and this will be truly reflective once BJP is allowed to form a government in the future.

    The need is immediate when it comes to certain portfolios like the home ministry and the food/agricultural ministry.

    This will BJP is also projecting potential candidates for the future and looks like a government with a set agenda.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hi friend.
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