Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 7

In late January 2010, I asked and answered three questions which help lay out the agenda for India’s future:

1. What are the 2-3 big issues that will present the most challenges and opportunities for India?

  • Quality Education
  • Jobs Creation
  • Urbanisation (moving India’s rural people to livable new cities)
  • Corruption

2. Which ideas/issues would resonate most with the youth in this decade – those issues which will fire them up to actively work towards their own and India’s development?

  • Building a Better India – with pride in our culture and power in our actions
  • Getting youth to be participative in local governance issues

3. Which matters should we focus on in the next 10 years? These should be achievable and must be important for India’s development.

  • Education
  • Urban and Rural Infrastructure
  • Creating Opportunities for people
  • Eliminating Corruption from the highest levels of India’s government
  • Creating an open, transparent real-time government

Continued tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 7

  1. Dear Rajesh:

    We Indians are passing through the most turbullent times of our lives. We desparately need leaders, mentors and clean POLITICIANS.

    Our hard earned money which we pay as taxes is siphoned by thousands of beaurocrats in official cars which is used more on saturdays and Sundays and by the Kalmadi;s and Telgi’s. I plan to open up school where students would be nurtured to take up politics as they grow up. Looking for investor willing to invest in DIGITAL SCHOOL, MOHALI DISTRICT as the most challenging issue that INDIA FACES TODAY IS QUALITY EDUCATION. M: 098159-08956

  2. In China, they have what is called economic police, their job is keep the government officials from getting rich. It would be good to try this concept in india to keep out corruption.

  3. With my youngest at violin lessons twice a week and the oldest getting really into her aquarels at the moment, do I really have time to get involved in the local community? I’m so glad we ended our 4 week holiday through Central Asia with an afternoon of volunteering at a Mongolian orphanage – it really made us feel we were giving something back at this time of global crisis. Just another lie we bought from the Lib Dems.