Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 9

The answer to transforming India’s future lies with us, the people of India. This is what I wrote in my series in May 2010 entitled “It’s Up To Us Now“:

Middle class India has many more people than the few required for change. These are the people who are frustrated with the state of affairs, and are willing to do something about it. They genuinely want to see a successful India, an India that they and their descendants would be proud of.

But these few feel disheartened. They feel isolated and alone. The task appears to be too immense compared to their numbers. They are forced to accept that the change they want is beyond their reach. They accept the unpalatable reality much like the poor accept poverty because constantly fighting to get out of poverty and failing is worse.

With a clear direction, the right leadership and a deeper understanding of the change that is needed, a small group of us can indeed change the country’s future.

Continued tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 9

  1. Rajesh,

    I often wonder what will be needed to see Tusnia/Egypt style revolutions in India. Leadership is one aspect. But both these movements did not have a leader. A leader may/will emerge but I think the middle class is doing too well to be willing to bear the pain or sacrifices involved in participating in a movement like that.