Where I Lived 36 Years Ago

I had recently gone to Mahim for a meeting. I reached there early. Realising that I had actually lived in that neighbourhood till when I was 7 years old, I took a walk on the road where I actually lived. The building was very much there.

I have few memories of the home. What I do remember is sitting in the balcony and looking out at the Ganpati temple that was across the road.

It was from there that I would go to St. Michael’s School (KG to 2nd standard).  There were a few friendsI used to play with in the vicinity. Another building I remember visiting had also stood the test of time.

And then, it was time for me to go for my meeting.

One thought on “Where I Lived 36 Years Ago

  1. The passing time always place the effect and photographs of the memory become altered with present. The time frozen land of memories will be gone and we will wander in the present with the memories only.

    I also visted my LKG school and find it in the decaying condition. Reality tampers the timelessness of memories and tales of childhood.