Why? – Part 2

Why is that we have some very good Chief Ministers but they inevitably never make it to the Centre? Why is it that good governance is possible in some states although the bureaucracy is nearly the same across all states? Why is that some states still languish? Why is that the voters in those laggard states still keep electing the same incompetent people again and again?

Why has India suffered from singularly bad political leadership for the most part through the past 60+ years? Why is it that we don’t realise who is responsible for the sad state of affairs? Why is it that even after every institution has been corrupted we still refuse to feel outraged?

Why is that we don’t think of our children? Why cannot we decide to bequeath a rich, developed country to our children? Why can’t we make India rich in a generation?

Continued tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Why? – Part 2

  1. Because we have not evolved as a nation. Divisive forces such as Sangh Parivar have divided the country into Hindus and Muslims. Without communal harmony and joint struggle you cannot achieve anything worthwhile for this country.

    Next, our younger generation has lost moral values. The nation as a whole has failed to give value based education. Everything has been commercialised. Our youth go to universitied not to learn but to get equipped to earn handsome salaries. Our netas go to parliament not to govern but to mint money out of moral decay. Our doctors go to hospitals not to cure patients but to extract last penny from that pitiable soul.

    Still there is hope. There are still some Rajesh Jains who care, lament and cry for this country. So there is hope.

    Let us light a candle.

  2. The anguish is understandable, but this is not a one sided process. the enlightening of the electorate and the politician can and does often move in parallel.

    In India, the enlightening is just becoming possible, and is happening. As to whether this could have happened earlier remains a matter of debate.

    It is however agreeable that India did have leaders whose ideas over rode pragmatism, and which did result in our not reaching our full potential.

    However the social schism that could have been has been avoided, which should count as a plus, or we would have been like another Pakistan and Sri Lanka, embroiled in unending bipartisan wars.

    The key is not to lose the present initiative.

  3. @T Azeez Luthfullah , There is no point on lambasting on the youths for getting high salaries. These salaries have helped youths only to get economically independent and take some risk against popular opinion. We all are product of our surroundings. When we have not invested in education from the last 60 years , then why so cry and mourn over this situation.

    The agents of change in any country are always the youth. Just be patient. I am not optimist with the current trends of Indian society but can’t shed hope for such reasons.

  4. @T Azeez Luthfullah,

    I would be delighted to see a reference to the ideology of the Sangh Parivar which wants to divide Hindus from non-Hindus.

    For your reference, however, I will draw your attention to the religion which divides humanity into “the pure” and “the impure” — and declares that it is the religious duty of the pure to annihilate the impure.

    I bring this up as that religion calls me kuffar or infidel and wants to either convert or die.

    Pot calling the washbasin black.

  5. @T Azeez Luthfullah
    This is the problem across the globe. If we try to point fingers at religions, you will get a backlash of opinions, references and debates as seen above. There is no need to justify our faiths and beliefs or call names to others. Stop being a cry-baby brother. Change your point of view and stop being conscious of an ‘invisible’ divide in secular Indian society.

    @Parag Joshi
    Nobody says any infidel should be killed or slayed. Murder of innocent people is a sin. Religion is a matter of choice. The reference you gave is the most common one used in the media, though it is totally out of context as always.


    Rajesh Sir is talking about India – Our nation, Our motherland – lets not divert our attention to the H/M issue. If all of you learned, educated people are still fighting on that, then sorry I have no hope from this.