Why? – Part 4

The Whys can continue. The unfortunate part is that while the answers are there, we refuse to see them. Corruption has become a way of life. Breaking the rules and benefiting from patronage when caught on the wrong side of the law becomes a way of life. We don’t blame others because we would act the same way had we been in that situation.

It has taken less than three generations since Independence for the degeneration of the moral character of a nation. A nation is made of its people and its leadership reflects the collective will of the people. It is little surprise that we find ourselves in the situation that we do.

The nation is in steep descent. We are slowly getting desensitized to scams. And that will be the last straw. After that, there are only two paths – either we become a complete banana republic where no one cares about loots and scams anywhere, or a few rebel and work to bring about radical change.

Continued tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Why? – Part 4

  1. With 4 Y’s already, one should begin to solve for X, methinks.

    Reminds me of the ostrich that hid his face in the sand. I wonder if Rajesh is writing from his heart or is still trying to push his rightist agenda.

    If he were talking about the moral angle, he is adult enough to understand that all ideals die, and in due course.

    As I noted here some time back, let us be pragmatic, much like the major newspapers consider crime and human affairs to be the humdrum expressions of life, one needs to put corruption, and allied ills under that category.

    There are much worser diseases, and many more positives to reflect upon.

    I should have said act upon, for Rajesh seems to be in reflection mode for quite a long time.

    Paraphrasing the original quote, one has to say that an ounce of work is worth a pound of philosophising.

    It is easy to carried away, and more importantly, like the Marxists, one tends to want the world to look as yellow as the theory says it should, which is a very dangerous trend nay, proposition.

    As the Prime Minister was saying today in Parliament, the overall feeling about the country and in the country, despite the inflationary and scam driven hiccups is one of growth, the figures attest to it, and here we have someone talking about a banana republic.

    I think Rajesh is falling into the rut of believing his own advertising. The faster he stops the why’s and gets into the hows will be a better day for everybody.

    For once I suggest he stops talking to his own crowd and starts talking to people who have a better grasp of reality.

    Y’s are boring, let us get to X, or take a more skyward route say, to Z.

  2. 8% Growth with 10 to 11 % inflation means that most of the growth generated dividend is getting wiped out by inflation. Debasing of currency is especially devastating to the poor.

    India has only 7% of its working people in the organized economy. That means India is largely an unorganized economy. Yet the economist PM is not doing ANYTHING about reforms. They have virtually done nothing on reforms in last 4 years.

    They expanded entitlements like NREGA (which is a money give away program) on the backs of the 7% of India’s organized sector workers who are paying taxes.

    This is why we need a change in government.