Talking Lifts

Of late, the number of lifts that ‘talk’ have been increasing. And the result couldn’t possibly be more irritating.

A steady stream of “Doors Opening”, “Doors Closing”, “2nd floor”, “4th floor”, “5th floor” announcements are yet a constant reminder that not all by-products of what is possible via technology are good! I just don’t seem to understand why we need talking lifts. The indicator is good enough. To have a steady stream of announcements going in the background is a bit too much.

If talking lifts were bad,  we now have the worst in Talking Airport Waiting Areas. More on that tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Talking Lifts

  1. One would probably appreciate it if he/she were blind. Most of these features are for accessibility. Something that’s mildly annoying to one person could be the only way another person could access the world.

  2. Yeah it’s rather irritating when there are all healthy, fit and fine people around. But what about the time when some blind / partially blind people are traveling in there without anyone’s help? It’s good to make them live by themselves sometimes.

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