IMC Conference Talk

I will be speaking and then be on a panel at the Indian Merchants Chambers’ IT Conference “Fostering Inclusive Growth through IT” on March 11 (Fri) at their Churchgate, Mumbai office.

I am part of the second session on “Affordable Technologies for Inclusive Growth and the Digital Inclusion.”

Some themese I will touch upon during my talk:

  • broadband infrastructure across the country (wireline and wireless)
  • open-source software use
  • cloud computing with thin clients / network computers, and SaaS
  • integration with mobile phones (apps)
  • govt as platform (make APIs available for govt data; publish govt data as XML)
  • all citizen services to be web-enabled and mobile-enabled, with sms/email integration
  • local content creation
  • education and healthcare as anchor services over the network

Any other suggestions?

8 thoughts on “IMC Conference Talk

  1. A lively debate topic for me is “With estimates between 300 and 600 million poor in India, do we need 10 million entrepreneurs or 10 million social workers?”

    I was naturally inclined to support the need for entrepreneurship, until I was stumped by an answer I received, “Both!”

    The IT sector has been one of the bright spots of development in India. Self-reliant, results-producing, employment-generating and based largely on voluntary efforts to be and to be seen as trustworthy.

    It would be a great service if our entrepreneurs in this sector, would commit personal time and resources, to the teaching and fostering of entrepreneurship among our young people.

    It may sound impossible personally. But with a bit of imagination, it can be done. It is a demonstration of that commitment to the greater good, and I dare to say, one of the most effective ways of teaching: to be taught by someone who has lived it out.

    This may be the best expression of CSR yet given our current needs! And by doing it, surely many of those needs will be met much faster.

  2. Some tips

    How to create awareness of all the content that is available online?
    (most of the new users don’t know the already running free services available on internet)

  3. South Korean government is piloting a project for 1 gigabit internet speed in a years time.

    This is going to be the future of cloud, web etc.

    Worth referencing.


  4. The gap between the IQ level of a student studying in private school and the one studying in a Municipal school is quite high. Have met some people from who are working towards bridging this gap.

    What will be interesting to know how IT can help bridge this gap faster

  5. One more point to discuss would be, how to we plan for 10, 20 years in the future for example, if you plan for roads, airports etc., how can IT help in these projections.