Delhi T3 and Metro

I have to admit that I am now extremely jealous of the infra that is being built in Delhi. Mumbai has plods along. One Sea Link. And then Stop. Five years later, we will probably get One More Airport Without City Connectivity.

Meanwhile, Delhi has got a spanking new terminal, T3, which I happened to pass through recently. And the super-efficient Metro, including the Airport Express, on which I rode. Very courteous and helpful staff, too. And clean. I hope it stays that way. All this should have happened 30-40 years ago. Our expectations are now so low that we are easily delighted. Hope the nextGen is not that way.

3 thoughts on “Delhi T3 and Metro

  1. Rajesh,

    Maharashtra is the new Bihar! Progressively going backwards! Just look at the crop of politicians who has graced the powers in this state for the last 25 years – bunch of goons! I am not surprised that Bombay lacks in infra, there is no political will to get it done. Agreed, its the technocrats, etc who implement stuff, but we can not deny that a good strong political will is a must. Sadly, there is no one in Maharashtra quite up to the mark.

  2. ” Our expectations are now so low that we are easily delighted. ”

    What and who we benchmark against is very,very key. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the will to accept this.