Blog Past: Internet Portals

From a post written a year ago:

 The Internet portals business is about three things:

  1. Reach: the raw numbers for a basic free service (on desktop and mobile web)
  2. Ads: how can we monetise the free services attention via ads
  3. More: how the free user can be monetised either through premium products (subscriptions) or via transactions (commerce)

On the Internet, portals have mostly focused only on 1 and 2. By itself, just web ad revenue is not good enough to cover the costs or to scale operations. This limits the portals capability to scale. The challenge in India is to also think about how to build 3.

One thought on “Blog Past: Internet Portals

  1. We have to think of how the Internet helps the large, medium, small, and micro businesses. In my volunteer business counseling sessions (in the US), I am finding that the micro-business owners (cleaners, mowers, gardeners, painters, handymen, home-based businesses selling crafts, etc.,) cannot spend time on the Internet, do not have much money to get help, and have no expertise in the IT area.

    The model we need is a network of these businesses with their simple websites (just a list of services and testimonials) and a network of customers with lists of potential services they usually need. When a customer indicates a need (even via a mobile phone) an event is triggered, the network is informed, and appropriate business owners are alerted (by email or mobile) to respond, bid, and perhaps get the order. A system like that will reduce the overhead charges by eliminating many middlemen and the supplier and customer will benefit. The network owner may get a small fee.