Big Ideas for India Contest: Question 11: What can be done to improve quality and availability of healthcare across India?

One of the more stark indicators of India’s health challenges is that half of India’s kids below five years of age suffer from malnourishment.Together with education, health is the other social sector that needs urgent attention. With costs of healthcare rising and insurance still not widespread, there is a crying need to ensure that there is as much focus on prevention as on cure. That a large percentage of India still lives in rural areas compounds the problem since making available quality healthcare at a reasonable cost across the country becomes a logistical challenge.

What should India do to address the healthcare challenge?

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5 thoughts on “Big Ideas for India Contest: Question 11: What can be done to improve quality and availability of healthcare across India?

  1. 1. There are two few PG seats in Medicine. Increase them. Why do we need so many humanities PG colleges. Divert funds from such useless colleges to places where it is required most.
    2. Exempt from tax the income invested in healthcare sector
    3. Govt. should start producing, or incentivize other producers to produce, generic drugs to cut healthcare costs
    4. A 4 year course is a good idea. Implement it.
    5. Parents should be encouraged to buy medical insurance when they are kids. This will ensure that there are less lemon insurance buyers.

  2. Insurance is not functioning as well – Healthcare today is a money collection and distribution mechanism, insurance companies collect money from people and distribute to unscrupulous hospitals the public are just numbers so these transactions can be carried out. Anyways.

    1. In healthcare, we should look for small but very effective changes. there are some examples tying up healthcare coverage to other benefits would be one, the other one i can think of is to make healthcare coverage a minimum requirement for voting, this will ensure everyone will be covered. such ideas would sound stupid but would have very high impact.

    2. artificially cap the profits on hospitals by special tax rules. healthcare as such is becoming cheaper there is no reason why these ppl shd make huge profits some of those benefits shd be passed on to the public

  3. More Doctors. I see so many engineering and management colleges come up, but so few medical colleges and hospitals. Why? It must be some licensing issue. Remove those, have a clear law and allow more colleges.

  4. 1. First thing first. compulsive family planning is necessary, China has prevented 250 million or 25 crores births by adopting single child policy. India and China have similar problems, we should learn from the chinese.
    Muslims should be put under Single child policy because their population has increased at double the rate of national average.
    2. Medical seats in colleges should be freed from Reservation. The common man deserves better doctors.
    3. Generic medicines should be made tax free.

  5. 1) Stop government managed rural hospitals. They are dirty , just places for corruption and no good doctor likes to work there.

    2) Provide incentives for health insurance. Government hardly encourages these things on its tv/radio channels in India. We need to increase this coverage to at least 90% of population.

    3) All the problems are related so government must fix problems in other sectors and create jobs /encourage job creators. This will help people buy good health programs for themselves.

    4) We have many dirty places which contribute to so many health issues and most of such places are government lands/places/projects.

    5) Provide very high incentives for the health service professional in private sector who do so in rural/backward areas.

    6) Government must pay for below poverty people’s medical insurance plans. And these plans must allow poor people to get services from any private provider (provided within limits)

    7) Government of India must encourage Ayurveda and make this knowledge available to anybody and easily accessible. When we say health sector, we should really refer to WHO’s definition and focus on prevention etc. Also Ayurvedic treatments could easily be widespread in India.

    8) Government should provide park and other recreation facilities in all areas around the country to improve overall health of the community and also provide incentives to private players in sports/gym sectors.

    9) Provide high incentives for world class research in medical field. Also incentives for high end facilities at tehsil/district level. For every major surgery we should not be required to go to Mumbai/Delhi.

    10) We still have very low number of doctors per 1000 people which must be increased by encouraging private players in medical education and providing loans to students.