Five Results

In a few hours, we will know the results of the five states that went to the polls and many questions will have answers:

  • Will it be 5-0 for Congress? Or does Corruption matter to people in India?
  • What will be Mamta’s margin in West Bengal?
  •  Which way will Tamil Nadu vote?
  • Is this the end of the road for the Communists?
  • What will be Jagan’s victory margin in the Andhra by-poll?

With high voting percentages in all of the states, the results are eagerly awaited. Two years ago, I sat watching the Lok Sabha verdict. Today, I will watch which way the wind is blowing in the Assembly polls.

6 thoughts on “Five Results

  1. 1- yes, it is 5-0 for congress this time.
    2- 60 % seats to mamta didi
    3- Amma’s way
    4- Not the end but marginalization.
    5- Not sure of it due to T factor.

  2. Everyone was expecting a landslide victory for congress in Kerala..But,They got only 4 seats lead. Kudos to Achuthanandan for waging wars against corrupt politicians..

  3. After the results of 5 states, one thing looks quite clear to me …. if BJP wants to come back in power they must select Sushma swaraj as their PM candidate… why, because it’s all about coalition politics… Modi or Advani can’t imagine to be accepted by regional leaders of India… So they will need a better moderate face to represent them… being a lady also goes in her favor.
    although i would have loved Modi as the candidate.