BJP’s Project 275 for 2014 – Part 3


1.     For the BJP to form a govt at the Centre, it needs to focus winning not just 175 but 275 seats (or 225 + 45 with the three current NDA llies). Winning 275 needs a dramatically different strategy from trying to win 175. To get to 275 seats out of 350-odd seats, the BJP needs to ensure a “wave” election with a 75% hit rate. That needs to be focus of future efforts. A summation of state elections will only get us to 175-odd, and if the Congress manages 150, BJP will not be able to form the government.

2.     A wave election last happened in India in 1984. BJP’s approach needs to be to work towards creating a wave in 2014 – across the country, and especially in the 330-350 seats where the BJP is competitive. No one, as far as I can tell, is thinking of what it takes to create a wave. 2014 may still be three years ago, but a lot of groundwork will need to be done to make this happen.

3.     Switch focus from maximising allies to maximising seats for 2014. All strategy needs to be focused on this.

I think various factors are coming together to create the foundation of a possible wave election in 2014. For one, look at the 90% hit rates that have happened in places in Bihar, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. (Assam came quite close.) The same concerns and issues have resonated across a state. I believe that something similar can happen nationally in 2014.

Based on the above, the BJP’s focus needs to be to maximise seats and hit rate, and not maximise pre-poll allies.

10 thoughts on “BJP’s Project 275 for 2014 – Part 3

  1. looking at the success and support for Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazaare, i can say that Indian people still can be mobilized very successfully. But for that we need leaders on the street. Most of the BJP national leaders have become like Congress bosses.. who wants to control everything from their AC rooms.
    Remember that only time we saw wave in favor of BJP was when Advani took it to street. From Somnath to Ayodhya. There is no dearth of issues. The hopeful PM should hit the street and for next 3 years rather than planning and plotting against each other, should travel across the India… He should not start it on the eve of elections.

  2. Suddenly, this sounds feasible. Add that to the fact that this government is earning the reputation of the most corrupt one we have had in decades. Like the DMK got a drubbing in TN., UPA can get similar treatment overall.

    I am not sure if the BJP will be the sole beneficiary though.

  3. The only “wave” that the BJP has so far shown itself capable of creating is around Ayodhya. While I’m all for Ram Rajya, I feel a distinct distaste for “Rajya through Ram”…

    It’s a pity really. I’d rather see the anti-corruption /anti-black money agenda steered by a national party which understands and has experience of governance ,and is answerable to its voters, than a rag-tag bunch of well-meaning but clueless ‘civil society’ types, who perhaps unintentionally, are undermining our democratic institutions…


  4. and some read the stars….

    “From May next year onwards, BJP’s stock will rise. I expect the elections an year and a half before the end of current term of the UPA. The nation as such will have some good time until 2015. But BJP as such has to re-anoint itself for, with the current horoscopic indications, it will gain only when its enemy falters. It lacks intrinsic strength.

    After 2005 there will be lot of internal bickering and strains which will last quite long – say until 2025. As far as Hindus are concerned, there will be some semblance of revival until 2015. After that a tough phase only”


    time perhaps for the bjp to consult one….

  5. To Rajesh and assorted breadcrumbs of the BJP….

    It is too early to think that the BJP can win, or will, 2014 you say. Does anyone in his right mind think that the BJP can have a strategy and stick to it, in the absence of a central and well regarded leader?

    Recent incidents have indicated that for the BJP the best strategy as of now is no strategy. The opposition seems to be hell bent on committing suicide, and it is better to stand aside and be respectful of the dying person’s last wishes.

    Therefore in the interest of cutting short this presumptuous discussion by guys who were thrown head long from the office after the last election, and were neither seen nor heard of for quite some time, and are better not heard of, or seen, I take the opportunity to have some relax time.

    Loosen up guys, there is still time, and who knows on which end you will all end up this time, win or lose next election…

    If the BJP wins, I am sure that you will be thrown out with double the force of the last time. Apostles, they may be celebrated post their demise, but when alive, they have short shelf lives…

    So while we are at it, let us party….

    ~~~~~~~Part One~~~~~~~~~

    Patient Name: BJP

    S/O: Jan Sangh and assorted Fathers

    Address: Known but invisible on Google Maps.

    Nicknames: The Bharatiya Juvenile Party is the most decent of them, indicates that it is the youngest of the national parties.


    1. Apt to speak in multiple tongues and multiple voices, sometimes feminine.

    2. Hallucinations and abject fantasies of reversal to a vegetative state which they call Ram Rajya, consisting of men who mind others businesses and women who mind the same.

    No business to call their own, and no agenda, they come alive only when their neighbour does, like the present moment, where they have come alive, thanks to Baba and Anna….

    Sans Baba and Anna they were and would be in a state of Kumbakernance, which can be thought of as fanciful hibernation…

    In this condition they are usually akin to whales, they surface once in a while to belch air and make a big spectacle of it… and expect to be taken seriously.

    3. AB Vajpayee was their god from the waist down and LK Advani from the knee up. The screw up started when the former’s knee failed, and the top found itself that it could not stand by itself.

    Unlike the recently overthrown and prodigious (and permanently promiscuous) Pitamahah of TamiNadu these God Guys are genetically indisposed to be infertile. Meaning which they have no kids and so are forced to adopt. You know the kind of people who give up their kids for adoption.

    Needless to say that their genetic line up is completely screwed up, and strangely this seems to make them happier. At least they claim that it is so, no hereditary lines for them…Makes you think of Double Income No Kids types… Nothing strange if you think about it…

    (OK, I hear you, in olden times, the name Gandhi stood for celibacy within cousins, but dear friends those days are long gone.

    These days the Gandhis prefer to follow the old government prescription, “we two ours two”. Sanjay who was no Gandhi did break the rule, for which he got two sons in one. The poor guy was so befuddled since birth that both he and his mother had to be given away in adoption…He has gotten married recently, and given that his adopted parent is infertile, we do not expect any better of him)

    4. There seems to be some old rule that the Gods must be odd or odd numbered, I do not remember which, the ideal is that the Gods be triangular, I meant Trinity. This patient too has a God that completes the Trinity of ABV and LKA.

    Like the God of the other testaments, he too is invisible and he is called the Horny Ghost. Insiders claim that he is built up of the one point three zillion fantasies of the millions of swayam sevaks (no pun intended).

    However in an unfortunate diplomatic incident the Horny Ghost disappeared on LKA’a self-immolatory trip to Pakistan and has been back to India only once, to take Sania Mirza back with him, couldn’t resist leaving the cuddly one back here.

    With the Horny Ghost gone, and AB down, and LKA flat on his hydrocepahlic face, there has risen a pantheon of competing Gods within the party.

    Those who are in the know say that NaMo is the one, however the others do not think much of them, they mispronounce his name as Nemo, which makes him an Australian clownfish.

    Coming to think of it, he does look like one, and does he act too, like one? (

    The others gall bladders in the pantheon think that they too deserve as much worship as Nemo however no one else is in a mind to worship them…the fact is that the party faithful tend to think of these minor Gods as Tele Tubbies.

    The last time they really worked for the party, the party lost, and as a rule they are all confined to their temples and appear only on television and only once in a while.

    5. What the party faithful would really like is more and more sadhu’s, they suffer from sadhuphilia for which the only cure offered is by Baba Ramdev who by the by also treats heterosexuality….

    The faithful are convinced that Baba’s prescription of yoga plus gomu is just the right thing, they find Anna’s thinking too allopathic and therefore foreign.

    Unlike Baba’s all inclusive and holistic treatment, (notice how he had the Sadhvi on stage so as to make himself hole or holey), Anna’s treatment is symptomatic and unsympathetic.

    Every one knows what happened when Anna treated NaMo for epilepsy, Namo not only ended up being accused of harboring courruptionists, he also had a bad attack of bleeding piles, the kind you suffer in silence.

    Given the patient’s preference for the Baba brand of medicine, expect to see longer lines in Hardwar, and cows being surprised that these days they are milked for urine.

    6. There has been no shortage of home grown quacks and new apostles however. These new apostles claim legitimacy for the old Gods but both the Gods and their followers seem to reject them, with some vehemence that is.

    There are instances of apostles calling themselves Rajesh, (which incidentally means God of Kings, a name as much in bad taste as any; for politics that is) , who were tossed rear end first from the party office after the last election ended. After a period of rest and quiet recuperation, they are back, and begging for entry.

    Unfortunately the demand for new apostles is at a all time low, the recently Americanised patient prefers outsourced apostles like Ramdev and Anna more to his taste. There is also past complaint that the new apostles speak or did speak a language that the faithful do not understand or pretend not to understand…

    The faithful claim that their mother tongue is Sanskrit, mother of all languages. However when spoken to in their mother tongue, neither do they understand, and thankfully do not pretend to. Good Sanskrit was last spoken by the Rishi Viswamitra who had to create a third world so that it could be spoken. Aloud!

    7. The patient works best when left headless and dismembered, however once successful the parts have a tendency to try and grab center stage, like NaMo who has been trying hard to be Prospective Prime Minister of India for the longest time running. Unfortunately he now has competition from a cloaked dame whom he pretends to trust and admire.

    NaMo’s predilection for center stage is shared by a whole lot of other successful foot soldiers, however the problem is that the center stage is already full of old tomatoes who like nothing better than to shoot off on television and retire to indiavision (the restaurant) for a soothing drink.

    These old tomatoes dare not venture stateside.

    The last time they really worked for the party, the party lost convincingly enough for the party to convince itself that Peter’s Principle works true. Am told that Peter’s Principle indicates that guys who cannot do their present job properly are usually shifted up to management. Bad Tomatoes rise to the top, so does scum…try putting them in water!!

    7. The patient knows how to sort the true from the false. they know that raging against corruption will bring them attention, but fighting for the corrupt in court cases will bring them the moolah…

    Such patients usually have two names, if one is Ram, you can guess that the other one is JethMalafide….their left hand never knows what the right hand is up to, the right hand does not know that there is such a thing as the left hand.

    Preliminary findings:

    Central brain coordination failure, all organs pulling in multiple directions.

    Congenital Hydrocephalus – too much fluid in the head- tends to be excreted in India’s nether ends…

    Rx BJP,

    1. Use the moment….when you are awake.

    2. Have one leader, preferably photogenic, telegenic rather, and and not apt to shoot off his mouth. the current guy seems just about OK, and sufficiently rustic.

    3. For now rethink Ram Rajya as Corruption Free Rajya. The need to restrain / retrain the Ravanappas of Bangalore is obvious. And for God’s sake do not send Sita Swaraj for trouble shooting.

    The guys down there like to do their own shooting, and sumptuous Sita’a are better not placed in the cross fire, sorry cross hair. Once well eaten, the dissatisfied Sitas are apt to blame Hanuman Lees for not rescuing them properly and in time for Rama to join them.

    By now the permanent bachelor that is Hanuman should have known, have women, will complain. As always the buck stops with the man, however hard he bristles.


    As of now, enough of this seemingly delight less crap…. Ooops, just a moment, my phone rings…

    Me: Yes, Madam, Fort George you say, why not, should I get Mr. Swamy with me? He seems to be free…

    Madam: Which in itself means trouble, why is Mr.Swamy not in Hardwar?

    Me: Madam, there are only bulls in Hardwar, Mr. Swamy prefers cows…

    Madam: Does that mean me?

    Me: Madam, the sun has set, but do I see a defamation case rise over the horizon?

    Madam: Rest assured my boy, the more I change, the more I stay the same….have you heard the news, these days you need not fall at my feet, nor does anybody?

    Me: Goodness Gracious, Maam, why such a drastic change of mind?

    Madam: Idiot, idiot, last time I was around I did ask the boys to fall at my feet, but did you know what it was for?

    Me: tell me maam…

    Madam: Idiot, don’t you remember, I was so fat then, that I could not find my own feet, I was only using the guys as markers, and the press, idiots aren’t they, they don’t understand these simple needs of mine?

    Me: I do understand Maam, but what has changed, you seem no slimmer?

    Madam: Technology, idiot, technology, my foot…

    Me: (scratch head) Maam!!!! dont understand…

    Madam: Never could you, idiot, cant you see, my feet have been fitted with that GPS thingy, and my mobile… to find my feet I just have to fire up Google Maps you know…

    Me: Mmm…oh that, I did hear that farmers are using GPS to track their cows, never imagined it could be you. I am told that cows even send SMS’s…once their milking is complete.

    Madam: Atta boy, thanks for reminding me, got to send a return SMS to that NaMo, the guy is a pest you know.

    Me: Could not resist you perhaps…

    Madam: Good that it is in these times, in the olden days I would have sent bricks, for his funeral that is…

    Me: What a thought maam, is my hangman ready?

    Madam: Whatever for, for calling me a cow, haha, there is no better way to kill a cat than to drown it in cream, come down boy, I have OP waiting for you, or do you prefer Khusboo…

    Me: (to myself) I prefer to be let alone….

  6. i hope that the above bout of irreverence causes no pain but one from doubled up laughter.

    Also apologies if i trampled on some sensitive toes….

    i gotta be myself, don cha?

  7. I only hope they retain the states. In 2009, they peaked in Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, HP and did so-so in Gujarat, M.P. I hope they don’t lose and end up as a marginal player. Rajasthan is a state where they can make gains, but the organization is still bickering and it is in this context that UP becomes crucial…20-30 seats from there would help…wishful thinking!

  8. rightnow many things will happen as destination of bjp and build into wave for bjp power,
    Upa had destination because 9 birth no of sonia gandhi which gives prosparity at the end of lifespan , Now her span has made bjp destination strong, thus no one will stop bjp destinatio, world runs by destinatin and not by someones whims and luck for ever DESTINY IS MASTER