July Vacation Plan

Thanks very much for the suggestions.

We have decided to go to two destinations for five days each for the vacation – Bali and Binsar. I guess Bali doesn’t need much explanation. Binsar (Uttarakhand) came up because of two reasons: I had some Club Mahindra days that were expiring, and I also wanted Abhishek to experience an India vacation. Binsar was one of the few ClubM properties that I could get a booking at, so decided to go there.

So, quite a change. Just a few weeks ago, we were planning a 10-day visit to California, and now this. It will be different because much of this will be a “do-nothing” vacation – just relax. That is something which is a rarity on my busy vacations!

2 thoughts on “July Vacation Plan

  1. Go ahead to Kausani too…I dont know the exact weather conditions in this month, but last November it was nice, perfect do-nothing town…Hotel Uttarakhand in Kausani is a good bet…nice, clean and good food right in the hotel…

  2. Binsar is a fabulous choice. I was there in March this year and it was breathtaking. Great place to sit back and relax in natural beauty. Ideally you should have given Munsiyari, chaukori a shot. You get great views of the Himalayas from these locations. from Binsar also these are visible but not in the same glory as from Munsiyari.

    Enjoy the break 🙂