Surat-Anand Trip – Part 5

A few closing thoughts.Through the road and train journeys, I could not help think that I should do a driving tour of India sometime in the next year. One needs to get out of the metro (and South Mumbai) cocoon. Maybe, a small group can be put together to drive, discuss and debate. A good time for such a tour would be in Oct-Nov this year when Atanu is in India.

Parts of rural India still seem to be frozen in time. Just 15-20 kms from towns and the world once again changes – perhaps more sharply than that from metros to towns. That India needs to be revitalised – there are kids there who need education and opportunities. I still don’t think we are doing that good a job in India on either of these fronts. That needs to change.

Finally, we need faster trains. More like high-speed trains. Mumbai-Surat should be done in less than 90 minutes, with another hour getting one to Ahmedabad. Our railway network needs a massive upgrade. Even as we build more roads, we need to learn form China and invest in a massive network of trains that can do 200-400 kms in an hour.

5 thoughts on “Surat-Anand Trip – Part 5

  1. What does Atanu do for you? I remember reading somewhere that he is “economist” at your company? Sorry, but why do you need an economist, that too, someone who comes to India only for a few months in an year!

  2. Doing 200 should not be that far away. Doing 400 may need completely new infra. Your shatabdi must be doing 150 in patches. There is a study going on to start a 250kmph service between MUM and AHD.

    I too think you should do this tour. Before you finailize on going with BJP do give India a chance to tell you what she wants 🙂

  3. Brilliant idea! nothing can give you more of India than road trip. last time I visited Kolkata, made it a point to visit sunderban by road bacause of bridge constructed over a river. I saw the lives are changing, Bengal is changing and that was well reflected in the poll results.

  4. great idea to tour idea n get out of south mumbai…

    request you to post a blog before you decide to go on this tour.

    if someone likes to join you(at their expense)

    as i would love to join you in such a tour

  5. good idea… No person can know (or claim to know) India without going out and travelling across the India… from Vivekanada to Gandhi to Ramdev… travel across India is must to understand it … and travel by road or foot gives a completely different picture than travel by air (what most of our politicians do )..